The 5 Steps to 20% growth

Business growth is a process. It's all about doing the right things in the right order. But it's not always easy when you are up to your neck in muck and bullets. It's hard to see the blue sky when cash flow is down, the team are disengaged and customers are complaining. 

That's where we can help. The 5 Steps to 20% Growth is a practical, simple, easy to follow set of steps.

Step 1

Problem Definition - what exactly is the problem? How does the senior leadership team define the issues that hamper growth

Step 2

Diagnostic Review - a thorough review of the internal and external drivers for the business that are at the core of the problem.

Step 3

Agree the Findings - discuss and agree what is doable, the vital few that have the greatest impact.

Step 4

Develop the plan - set out what needs to be done, who will do it and what the timescale is. Agree the budgets and the metrics for success

Step 5

Implement the plan - roll up the sleeves and get stuck in. Following the plan to hit the deadlines and the KPI's

Part Time Sales Directors

Reigniting the sales team

Recognise any of these?

  • "What I need is a sales team"
  • "I want to walk onto the sales floor and experience a real buzz"
  • "They seem so apathetic"
  • "Sales teams for me are about commitment to the team, passion to achieve extraordinary results and a culture of excitement and activity"
  • "They do their job as individuals and withdraw at lunch time and in the evenings, they're not together as a team."

Managing for Performance

We make it our business to understand what our clients are saying.

Often people seek training solutions, however, our experience shows that this will only give part of the solution.

What is needed is a 5 Step approach to building sales confidence that motivates the sales team to over achieve and blast the targets...

Next Steps...

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