Training backed by research

From our experience, training that isn’t a strategic part of the business is a waste of money.

We don’t much like the word “Training” because it implies “education”, “instruction” and “discipline” but not necessarily any result!

At Kiss the Fish we will only offer you training when and if we are convinced that it solves the problem. You want to get a bang for your training budget.

People improvement 

You know that people are the most important resource an organisation has. And what we have found is that people actually like change, they just don’t like being change. Our initial challenge is to understand the problem¬†that you are trying to solve. Having done that we then offer a practical, measurable solution that engages and motivates the team.

Role playing to create a realistic environment

The best results come when we simulate the precise working conditions that the team experience. We do this by using knowledgeable and experienced participants to really put your people through their paces. We recommend using “real” buyers in the role plays, so that your people are truly tested and coached in a safe environment.

Training Programmes

  • Consultative Selling
  • Cold calling and presenting
  • Introduction to selling for service teams
  • Presentation skills and running meetings
  • Selling to agencies and/or procurement
  • Negotiation Pathway
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership Skills
  • Managing teams and the business strategy
  • Managing sales and Forecasting and Budgeting for sales
  • Peak performance – getting the most out of your ability

Bespoke programmes
If your needs are not covered by the ist above, just ask for a meeting and we’ll put together a proposal.